About five kilometres from the city centre, Tangra Chinatown, Kolkata

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lies towards the east zone of the City of Joy. Well-known for the tanneries established at this locality, Tangra at present gets these in surplus.However, there is a reason behind the name of this area as Chinatown . Since the local inhabitants of Tangra is dominated by the East Asians who have settled here, the area is sometimes called as the Chinatown of Kolkata . For Chinese community established in the state and beyond, there is no place better than Tangra in Kolkata.

In the last few decades, in a magnificent way Tangra Chinatown, Kolkata has been undergoing speedy changes. Regarding the pulse of this place, it has to be admitted that the long-established professions as well as values have been nearly deserted and the township is fast pulling itself on the lies of modernity. And this is happening because of an increase in the commercial and trade activities. Schools, Colleges and technical institutes have multiplied many folds.

However like the major portion of West Bengal, the health conditions continue to be degrading among the local populace of this area, which itself is situated in the city like Kolkata. Moreover, this locale faces serious problems due to toxic waste caused by the surplus of tannery units. That’s why after reviewing the health status in the region; it was in response to the government orders that many tannery factories were shifted from Tangra to Bantala.

However, one of the famous foods to be found at Tangra Chinatown, Kolkata is the traditional Chinese food. The eateries in the area have been serving the popular Chinese preparations for years. Some young entrepreneurs that have migrated to other parts of India have earned a name for themselves and the food which everyone relishes.

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