Ling Liang High School

There is nothing accidental about the story of Rev. and Mrs. T. David Lamb because it documents the claim of a sovereign God upon the Tlives of two obedient servants. God’s call uprooted them from their native Shanghai, China and flung them into uncertain surroundings in a strange culture. Theirs is a story of faith that the sovereign God who called them to Calcutta would be with them at all time assuring them of His presence. Rev. and Mrs. Lamb understood their God’s ordained mission to the approximately 25,000 Chinese in the city of Calcutta. They arrived in Calcutta on April 25,1949 with the vision of preaching the gospel and providing English education to the Chinese community.

After twelve years of faithful service, often preaching in street corners and market places, teaching poor children in the Gospel Hall, the Ling Liang Church and Ling Liang High School were dedicated at P-7 Hide Lane, Calcutta. That the edifice still stands today is a testimony of the faith of the founders and the faithfulness of God who blessed them. The Grace Ling Liang Church and Grace Ling Liang English School were dedicated more than a decade later on January 14, 1973.

Both schools are affiliated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination, New Delhi. There are more than 1400 students in each of the two schools with students appearing for the annual ISC (XII) and ICSE (X) held by the council. The schools have already produced, doctors, engineers, nurses, pastors, missionaries and professionals in other fields demonstrating that the work of the Lambs have produced fruit and will not be in vain.

The two churches continue to faithfully serve God even though the Chinese community has shrunk rapidly over the past decade and continues to shrink further with the community preferring to immigrate. Sunday schools for teens and children and worship services are held every Sunday at the two churches as we continue to look up to God for guidance in the years ahead.

With the passing away of Rev. David Lamb in Centerville, Ohio on November 2, 2001 the founders of the Ling Liang Churches and Schools in Calcutta are no more. Mrs. Mary Lamb was called home to be with God in 1994. But their memories and their vision remain in the hearts and minds of thousands of people who have been blessed by the faithfulness of the Lambs of God.

Note: The first paragraph is adapted from the book ‘Light in the Black Hole’ by Norman B. Rohrer. The book is about the life and ministry of the Lambs. By, Pastor Clifford C.Li Pastor, The Ling Liang Churches in Calcutta Chinese Schools, Clubs & Temples.

Address: P7, Hide Lane, Kolkata-700012

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