Nam Soon Church

The name “Church” is a misnomer for the Temple for Quan Ti. In Chinese it can only be translated as a club or association. The original founders must have been a remarkable lot to establish the club, arrange for the ebony images of the gods and other temple implements to be brought from the motherland. However these are usually donated by the founder members themselves, whose name are still perfectly visible and preserved on each item. Additional monetary donations are engraved on some five pieces of large slate slabs, for all to see.

The club was originally formed for the members of the Nan Hai together with Phan Yu and Shun Tak provinces, or whose ancestors originate from these areas, where the customs are more or less similar or compatible, but are for men only. Wives and daughters must depend on the menfolk’s memberships whenever there are functions held. All are welcome to worship the spirits of the gods installed, and many do come on festive days to pay thanks for their good fortunes.

The present site was purchased as it is now with virtually no modification sometimes in the 1820’s and remained the same ever since. The side building contains rooms for the aged and also a hall for travelers. The communal school for Chinese medium is located at the back

Address: 13, Damzen Lane, Kolkata-700073

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    Photos of Chinese Church in Tiretta Bazar Area.

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