Sacred Heart School

The Sacred Heart Chinese School was founded by the late Father C. De Moor, a Jesuit, in the year 1934 35, after he had spent one year in Kwantung (Southern China) to acquaint himself with the language and customs of the Chinese people. The two first teachers were Mr. Paul Lee and his wife, a Catholic couple from Hong Kong. After having assisted Fr. De Moor as Teachers and Catechist for about five years, both of them returned to Hong Kong. They were succeeded by another Catholic couple. Mr. Joseph Yu and his wife.

From the initial few, the number of students had now greatly increased; the School fees however remained low, causing a yearly deficit, made good by the donations of the Chinese Community.

After the death of the Founder. 1968. a Committee was formed to take charge of the school. The first Chairman was the Archbishop of Kolkata himself. the Most Reverend LT. Picachy. S. J., with the following members : Mgr. E. Barber, Fr. Y. de Steenhault, S. J., Fr. P. Gomes, Mr. P. K. Chen, Mr. P. Lee, Mr. B. Lim, Mr. Than, Mr. J. Yu, Mr. V. Liu, Mr. C. Liu, Mrs. S. Liu and Mrs. Char, Mr. B Chung, Mr. G. Fok.

Under the efficient leadership of the newly elected Committee the School grew rapidly in numbers and the premises coots proved too small to accommodate all the students, Plans were made for a new school building on the site of the old dilapidated out houses. In the name of the Committee Mr. P. K. Chen, chairman and Fr. J. Van Hove, Principal approached the Archbishop for the approval of the plans and to explore means to finance the project. The Archbishop was kind enough to appeal to Rome who financed one third of the project. Another third was contributed by the local Chinese Community and the last third by “MISEREOR” the German Bishops’ Organization in aid of developing countries. This last donation came through the channel of the Indo-German Social Service Society, as gratefully acknowledged by a marble tablet that can be seen on the third floor of the school building. Similar tablets engraved with the names of Donors adorn the corridors in the entrance of the class rooms. Most prominent of all is the bust of the Founder, placed at the foot of the staircase at the main entrance of the building.

The 12th June 1975, Feast of the Sacred Heart, the new School building was solemnly blessed and inaugurated by His Eminence Lawrence Trevor Cardinal Picachy S. J. Archbishop of Calcutta.

With the new building the School entered a new period of prosperity. In 1978 Fr. Stephen Fernandes succeeded Fr. J. Van Hove as Principal. Mr. Huang Yee, Vice Principal from 1973 to 1980 had just migrated to Canada. A new Vice Principal was urgently required. It was 1979, the year of the Asian Bishops Conference in Calcutta Providence inspired Bishop Joseph Wong of Taiwan to take interest in our problem. It was not long before. on the Bishop’s recommendation, Miss Agnes Siew, a Malaysian National of Chinese origin from Taiwan, filled the post of Vice Principal from 1981 to this day.

The School, the Chinese Community. the Archdiocese of Calcutta, are deeply grateful to the Founder of the School, late Fr. C. De Moor, to the School Committee Members, the Principals and Vice Principals, to the members of the Teaching Staff, all of whom have given their best for the cause of Education in their beloved Sacred Heart Chinese School since the day of its inception till today.

On the same school compound there is a Chapel for the Catholic Chinese speaking Community. It was founded by the same Father C. De Moor, at the same time as the School. Father De Moor was its Chaplain for over 30 years. Fr. J. Van Hove succeeded him from 1968 to 1978. Fr. J. Sassil, Prefect of St. Xavier’s Primary School, is its Chaplain since 1978 to the present day.

Address: 15, Weston Street, Kolkata-7000013

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