Tien Hou Maid Temple

Located behind the Chinatown Market, there is a chinese temple dedicated to the goddess Tien Hou (Queen of Heaven), Kun Se Sin(Lady in white of Buddhism), Tu Teh Chun (God and goddess of well being and happiness) and many others. According to the writing on the board, this temple was built by Leong Chin and seven others in the year 1858.

By the year 1885 ‘Chee Yee Thong’ joined in to lend support, but, it took many more years of hard work and devotion from them to put the Chinese Temple back to its place in the year 1908.

After years of neglect, in the year 1977 Chung Yee Tong spearheaded the drive to renovate the temple, with the help of donations from devotees and well wishers.

In 1999 the Lim Brothers, Chung Yee Tong and Mr. Lee renovated the temple again. Since then, every year on 23rd of 3rd month, 2nd of 2nd month and 19th of 2nd month (according to the chinese calendar) a group of devoted ladies has been celebrating the birth of Our Goddess Tin Hou, Fu Teh Chun and Kun Se Sin respectively in the temple. This has kept our culture and religion alive.Chances Are video

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